The story started in the late 1970s out of a (work)shop located in Paris to clad young children in fashion contemporary. starts today

In the 2010s, Valerie Toyomura-Provot, trained for years with a Japanese fashion creator in Tokyo, picks up the story where her mother-in-law left it off. Back to the original values: timeless sophistication focusing on knitwear and natural yarns exclusively. 

The idea of the hand-embroidered personalization was born an evening by the fireplace repairing a child's sweater… It quickly became the brand signature. It is this same year 2018 and an environmental awareness, that regenerated cashmere replaced virgin cashmere thanks to innovation in the recycling of yarns for a more virtuous knitwear.

From this Autumn/Winter 2022 season, the brand name evolves to ‘bobbin & tricot’.

It’s a long story. One of these days we will tell you about it…


About bobbin & tricot