Washing tips


All b&t knitwear are machine washable. They can be washed regularly on a wool cycle program at 30℃ / 600rpm. Use a wool detergent or baby shampoo but NO SOFTNER. Put each knitwear in a separate washing bag. Do not run a cycle with more than three knitwear at once.


Dry knitwear flat to prevent from getting stretched out.

Ironing tips


We consider ironing a very important stage. It will ease fibers and get them back into place. Iron at low temperature.

Pilling tips


With cashmere or natural fibers wool knitwear, you will encounter some pilling (bobbles) on your knitwear during its life. To remove these pilling, washing remains the best way to minimize it over the long run. But if you want to remove it quickly, pilling razors are very effective and do not damage the beauty and texture of the knits.


Storage tips


Store your knitwear folded. Do not hang your knitwear as this will cause it to be stretched out. Before you store your knitwear away for a long period of time (for example, over summer), make sure that you wash it first. This is important to keep moths away as they are attracted to dirt and moisture.