Sustainability is paramount to our concept from day 1, but it isn’t easy to combine quality with low environment impact: we believed doing right by using virgin cashmere till not long ago…

A soft yarn, warm, natural, biodegradable and durable (in a word: cashmere!) but with a far lower environmental impact. Only the recycling process enables to gather all these qualities thanks to the Italian ‘savoir-faire’ built over generations, and innovation.

Because our first priority is quality: High-end, no pilling over time but getting softer and softer.

Regenerated cashmere

Recycling cashmere involves by its large majority the collect of sweaters but leftover cashmere yarn in Italian factories too. All our yarns have been spun through the recycling process that takes place from the collection and selection of old garments, which are frayed, transformed again into raw material, spun and then knitted into new durable and quality garments.

One quality only 

100% regenerated cashmere made from post-consumer goods mainly (cashmere clothes) and a bit of pre-consumer cashmere yarns (factory leftovers). But this unique Italian recycling process cannot always guarantee an exact 100% cashmere composition following laboratory testing. To comply with American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM-D629) & International standard (ISO 17751), we prefer the composition 97% cashmere / 3% wool.


Measurements of cashmere and fiber blends rely on the Optical Microscope method:

coarse wool is much larger and rougher looking than the other fibers. The fine wool is much thinner and its scales aren't as large, but comparing to cashmere, it is very obvious how it has a lot more scales. These scales have a lot to do with why wool and low quality cashmere feels itchy. When the fiber runs against skin, these scales can 'catch' on the skin causing irritation. 

Microscope view of cashmere yarns

The internal structure of the fiber helps to differentiate the cashmere from any lower value substitute fibers introduced at some point along the processing chain.

Exporting our knitwear to countries like USA and Japan and complying with Department stores test reports, we have decided to label our composition 97% cashmere / 3% wool to avoid any possible troubles.

Quality and sustainability combined in one durable yarn.