Personalization hand-embroidered

Step 1

Choose your base color among our 4 heather colors. 

Our garment-dyed collection flips the process around: clothes are knitted first then washed in color. That creates subtle variation in color. Even in a batch of clothes that were garment-dyed together, no style is exactly alike. It gives an authentic and heritage look.

Step 2

Choose the size. Fits true to size. If you hesitate in between 2 sizes, take the biggest.

Thread color options

Step 3

Select your thread among 12 color options for a girly, boyish, classy or flashy glimpse.

Our merino wool yarn is spun in Germany. Natural and biodegradable, it also guarantees resistance to wear and washing without shrinking.


You create, we embroider.

Step 4

Write the word(s) of your choice and if it is to be embroidered front or back side. According to the style, and number of letters, it will be done on 1, 2 or 3 lines. Our embroideries are all centered, unless another option is offered. 

Only hand-embroidery allows the stitch to remain fine and light (unlike machine stitch). A perfect finish on the right side as well as on the back side. The embroidery is done in our Parisian workshop but sometimes by other qualified hands when high demand. This personalized embroidery is the last operation on your item before ironing. 

Your unique knitwear will be shipped out in approximately a week.