Create Your Own


Step 1

Choose your base color among our 4 permanent colors. 

Step 2

Choose the size according the style and the fit.

Yarn colors for hand-embroidery


Step 3

Write your word(s) and select placement. According to the style, and characters, the embroidery will be on 1, 2 or 3 lines. Our embroideries are centered unless another option is offered.

Step 4

Choose your embroidery style between sashiko stitch and stem stitch.


Brodé à Paris


Step 5

Select your yarn among 10 color options for a girly, boyish, classy or flashy glimpse. Our merino wool yarn is spun in Germany. Natural and biodegradable, it also guarantees resistance to wear and washing without shrinking.


The hand-embroidery allows the stitch to remain fine and light (unlike machine stitch). A perfect finish on the right side as well as on the back side. The embroidery is done in our Parisian workshop. 

Your unique knitwear ready for shipment in approximately a week.


Hand embroidered with love