Give a second life to your cashmere sweater.

Send us your old cashmere and get a 15% off voucher to spend in our online shop.

Regenerated cashmere circular process

2 out of 3 clothes are never worn and remain in our closet never worn. 

Each one of us throws in France, on average, 12kg of clothes every year. 

Let’s behave responsibly. Cashmere sweaters are made of a noble and luxurious material, they deserve a second life. 

Do you have any cashmere clothes that you no longer use? 

Maybe they are too small, felted, unstitched, mothed or broken. No problem, as long as the composition label is intact and readable, you can send it/them by following the steps below. 

Step 1

Create an account if you haven't already done so.

Step 2

We accept only 100% cashmere: send us* your old cashmere clothes (sweater and cardigan) to: Vitos sas - 10, avenue de Versailles 75016 Paris, France (Please indicate your name or email.)

Step 3

Upon receipt and after verifying its 100% cashmere composition**, we will send you by email your 15% off voucher consisting of a unique code attached to your name. 

Step 4

When you place your next order, enter your voucher in the "discount code" in the checkout page for getting 15% off voucher for a minimum purchase of €100. * Offer cannot be combined, 1 voucher = 1 order.

* This service is mainly dedicated to France's neighboring countries but up to you :)

** Be aware that discount code will not be effective (neither shipped back) if it isn’t 100% cashmere. 

 We collect your old cashmere to give them a 2nd life

What happens to your old cashmere clothes? 

For the recycling of cashmere fibers, we collaborate with our Italian partner, a company that has been involved in giving new life to cashmere fibers for years. We send by truck the cashmere clothes by batch of 100kg. There, the recycling process takes place for being frayed, transformed again into raw material, spun and then knitted into new durable and quality cashmere clothes. Read more